2016   LewAllen Galleries, Santa Fe, NM
2015   Linda Hodges Gallery, Seattle, WA  
2014   George Billis Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
2013   Linda Hodges Gallery, Seattle, WA  
2010   George Billis Gallery, New York, NY  
2008   George Billis Gallery, New York, NY  
2007   Kurt Solmssen   Paintings and Works on Paper 1986-2006  Bakersfield Musuem of Art, Bakersfield, CA 
2006   George Billis Gallery, New York , NY
2005   Adler and Co. Gallery, San Francisco, CA
2003   Foster/ White Gallery, Seatte, WA
2002   Terrence Rogers Fine Art, Santa Monica, CA
2000   Tatistcheff & Co. , New York, NY
1998    Foster/ White Gallery, Seattle, WA
1996    Foster/ White Gallery, Seattle, WA
1995  Tatistcheff/ Rogers, Santa Monica, CA
1994   Tatistcheff/ Rogers, Santa Monica, CA
1991   Tatistcheff Gallery, Santa Monica, CA
1990    Marian Locks Gallery, Philadelphia, PA
1987   Marian Locks Gallery, Philadelphia, PA
1985   Marian Locks Gallery, Philadelphia, PA